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    Use some chalk and paper to make this beauty:

    A Poliwag back floating in a pond. [Btw, it looks a lot better irl... so I hope this is okay! : ) ]
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    Name of Artwork: PoliChalk Art
    Artist: Ace Trainer Liam
    Score needed: 40/`00


    This piece was done using chalk (obviously) on what looks like just standard white paper. I've always thought this was a cool medium because it's easy to get the fade between colors, something you did a good job of here. I think it just looks pretty cool. You did a good job getting a range of colors out of the chalk, form the dark outlines to the light spots in the water. One thing that sort of bothers me is the white space you left around Poliwag. I would've liked to see a little bit more of a fade into the white so it still gave the look that Poliwag was floating on top of the water, but didn't make it look like it was floating on a cloud ontop of the water. Just a small thing though


    Your details were pretty good, water is a pretty standard background, but adding in the grass/ seaweed was a nice touch. I like that the water has some sort of form to it too, maybe a little bit more would've made it look more like a flowing river, this is fine. Also I would suggest not putting the grass in all four corners like that. It's good because the grass look almost wild because of the different number and directions, but I think they sort of frame out the image when it's supposed to be a "natural" looking picture. Again just a consideration for future art.


    I mean you have a pretty standard pose and action going on here, but you colored everything and we're not looking for too much in the simple category so no sweat there.


    You got all of Poliwag's proportions down pretty well. Everything seems right and I think you especially did a good job with the tail. I like the way there is sort of a blue tint on the white part making it almost look transparent (I think it could've done with a littttle more cuz that's a cool effect but that's probably just me). In your future work you should probably start shading your drawings (which isn't as intimidating as it sounds I promise!), but for your first drawing of a Simple mon that isn't an issue.


    Though this wasn't a very complex drawing, you clearly put effort into it and made some good artistic decisions so I'm definitely willing to give this piece the 40/100 it needs to pass. Congrats and good luck in future art works!
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