The pokemaster's funny drawings pt1

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Thread: The pokemaster's funny drawings pt1

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    Default The pokemaster's funny drawings pt1

    Look guys, Brayden is trying to draw. xD @Morru Magnum; scammed me into this, so I guess all of my drawings go in here? Feel free to leave comments and things.

    I tried to draw a Paras, but I'm terribad at drawing since I never usually do it. I used a guide to help me along a little bit, I hope that's okay. :c

    Pokemon: Paras
    Difficulty: Simple (1 artwork >40)
    Notes: My signature is the little scribble of my initials in the top right of the Paras. I didn't crop it so you can get an idea of the size of the drawing; it was drawn on a piece of A4 paper.
    EDIT: I know, I forgot the little spots on the Paras' face ;-;

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    Default Re: The pokemaster's funny drawings pt1

    I did not coerce you into doing this omg
    I just wanted you to realize your ~hidden~ talents >:C

    The Grade
    Let me start by telling you how cute this wittle Paras looks, I just want to squish it OwO
    The drawing is great in general, and I can't see any faults in your Paras's anatomy. You're missing a few minor details though, like the five spots on its forehead, but since this is for a Simple Pokémon, I won't mark you down for that :) Also, if Paras was in that position, its third right leg (or second if you dont count the claws) should be a bit visible, but again this is just nitpicking. As for shading, you did really well! Paras's right claw should have a streak of light though, and this can be achieved by erasing the dark shading very lightly.

    For Pokémon with beady eyes, putting a white circle just above the iris creates a 'filmy' effect. Add some lines diagonal to that white dot as illustrated below and you'll make the eyes pop out more :>

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