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    Default Novice Work of LyreBird1

    Hi. So. I was sitting here, writing away at a story I'm almost done with, when I hit a wall. And I just couldn't write anymore. So, I decided to draw a little, because that seemed calming and nice.

    It wasn't. I got very frustrated with it. Drawing is hard.

    But anyway, I attempted to draw a Nidoran-Male.

    I took a lot of inspiration from Nidoran drawings I found online, including the Suigmori art, and anime renderings and stuff. Now, I'm really bad at art. But I actually thought I was doing pretty well until I started shading. Do you know how hard it is to shade with a pen? Especially with the stupid pen that I was using. Eventually I got the hang of it, but the top of his head got really screwed up. And then I added in a couple of clumps of grass, added some dimension, I guess.

    So, yeah. Here's my mediocre drawing. ._. I'd really appreciate it if you looked past the poor shading and the awkward attempt at creating grass and stuff.

    Honestly, you probably shouldn't, so it's okay if I fail. Just thought I'd try something new. If anything, just pretend that I'm a really good artist and that this was a simple, nothing sketch that took me about five minutes. (It actually took about an hour and a half, two hours. -creys-)

    Pokemon Attempted: Nidoran-Male
    Pokemon Rank: Simple
    Score Needed: 40
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    Default Re: Novice Work of LyreBird1

    Curation : Nidoran-M
    I really like this drawing in the regard that it actually made me like a Nidoran! I think it is accurate, but with some little trip ups. You got the spots on its body right, as well as the general shapes of the body parts right. The ears on this Nidoran-Male look a bit more like the female version, as they are not as spiky as they could be. Something else is the left eye looks like it needs to be a bit larger/ there needs to be a bit more black in the pupil, just to make it look a little less lop sided. I think the spikes on his back could be a smidgen larger, but its a very minimal detail. I think you did a good job shading, especially with a pen. You gave a light source, with the shadows all coming from the same direction, making a more cohesive look. You didn't use any colours so I wont give you points here, but I encourage you to do this next time. The background is simple, but effective. I can tell that this is grass and you didn't do a half-assed job on it by just putting a few blades of grass around the Nidoran and finish.Just remember next time to use colour! In the end I'll have to give you a 40 so congratulations! Have fun playing with your little Nidoran-M!
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