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    I was feeling in the doodling mood again, and since the last one didn't turn out so bad, I thought I'd try this art thing again.

    Again, I tried to stick to the reference picture the best I could (which was Bulbapedia's page), and I kind of like the less wide head that I ended up with. The scanner dulled the colors a little bit, but it's way too late for me to try and adjust those settings. Knowing my luck, it's not even really fixable since it's not a standalone fancy one.

    I did try a little harder on the background this time--drawing something there deliberately instead of just doodles to take up space. I figured a good place for Starly to sit was up on a roof, so I used a picture I saw and made a sloppy one. I used bright colors on purpose so that the bird would contrast against them nicely, being so dark. The angles on the tiles are also meant to draw the eye upward from the bright reddish pink so that they land on the bird next. I think the shadows on the mon itself turned out a little better this time, and that may be because I was using black instead of a color. It was hard to watch smudges this time. I had to use a spare sheet of paper where my hands rested like we used to do in high school.

    Materials Used:
    -Sketch Paper
    -Colored Pencils

    Pokemon Aiming For: Starly
    Requirements: Simple > One piece of art featuring the attempted Pokemon scoring 40 or higher.

    Notched Feather


    Work in Progress Scan:

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    Default Re: Notched Feather

    Starly - Simple
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