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    Default Non-Normal Artistries by Crossover

    Uhh, hi people.

    This is my art gallery. Very barren, right? Well, I'm here to hopefully change that.

    This will not get me Smeargle, my first Pokemon attempt, but here we go!

    Picture 1: A Sketch Too Far

    Picture 2: Smeargle Wuz Here

    Sorry for the bad tablet pics, I don't really have a scanner. DON'T KILL ME FANCY ARTISTS!

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    Default Re: Non-Normal Artistries by Crossover

    1.I like the comedic approach taken in this artwork. Smeargle itself is very accurate, with all the right markings in the right places. The colours were correct as well. The very comic like background fits with Smeargle, but could have used a bit more detail. I suggest that when you colour your ground, to try and keep strokes going in one direction, as it makes the ground look very choppy in the background. The man in the background could have been a bit more than a stickman. The colours are fine here. Smeargle’s colours are pretty accurate.There is no shading here so you lost some points there, and I encourage you to do that in the future. Overall I like this artwork for how funny and creative it is, which both give it points. With the lack of detail, and shading, however you lose points. In the end you get a 50!

    2. This piece is very artsy and true to what I think of when I think about Smeargle. The Smeargle itself is fairly accurate, but seems to look very yellow in this piece, especially compared to your other drawing. I don't know about the coloured circles to the far left of the picture, they just look out of place and makes it look like a preliminary sketch, rather than a finished piece. Smeargle isn't really different from poses used in official drawings so there isn't really anything dynamic about its pose, so you did lose points there. I’d have to suggest for when you take the picture of the piece that you try to put light on the image, just so it doesn't look so dark, which may be affecting the colours a bit. Overall this looks nice, but just looks like a preliminary sketch. I’ll give you a 45 on this one.

    Smeargle not caught
    Try again next time!!! I hope you learned a bit from my critique!


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