Morru's PokéArt: Wurmple

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Thread: Morru's PokéArt: Wurmple

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    Default Morru's PokéArt: Wurmple

    Pokémon I'm going for: Wurmple (1 piece of art, scoring 25 or better)
    Medium used: Various colored pencils, drawn on the back of a useless English2 Handout
    Work time: 20~ minutes

    "Tiny Times"

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    Default Re: Morru's PokéArt: Wurmple

    Curation: Wurmple
    I never thought I'd say this but I just want to hug that Wurmple! The only 2 critiques I can really give about Wurmple itself is the eyes are a little smaller than from what I see as well as the spike on its head is longer, compared to the horn/spike on its face. That is being quite nit-picky though. The colours you used match fairly well to the colours of the images of Wurmple seen in official media. Other than that you did a good job shading, although you did very little to create a light source. You did enough with the background to make it more than just a drawing of Wurmple itself and allow for some interest. The only thing I would have liked to see is better shading on the background objects. This is still an easy category Pokemon so I don't want to be too critical. Overall I'd give this a 35 for the accuracy and for being more than just the Pokemon. Enjoy your little wormy friend!!!! Nurture it and let it grow into a beautiful butterfly or an awesome moth!!!
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