Morru's PokéArt: #1 Foongus

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Thread: Morru's PokéArt: #1 Foongus

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    Default Morru's PokéArt: #1 Foongus

    Trying my hand at this newfangled PokéArt thing. Here's attempt #1. Spoilered because of size. I will be uploading all my PokéArt for URPG purposes in this photobucket account: MorruMagnumURPG. It's a free account, so I can only store up to 20GB worth of images, so if I run out I'll probably use my albums here on BMGf. Comments are welcome :D

    Target: Foongus (Medium Rank, 2 images, both 50 or better)

    "Grove of the Mallowspores"

    "Spread the Disease"

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    Default Re: Morru's PokéArt: #1 Foongus

    These are lovely. :3

    First image:
    The softness to this is pretty appealing; you did really well smudging. You gave it depth by by blurring appropriately, but the foreground looks a little flat and makes me feel like the smudge/blur was also a bit overdone. Also, the shading on your trees is a bit erratic; it's difficult to tell where the lightsource is coming through because of the irregular way you shaded it. Everywhere else is quite well done. Overall though, it still looks really nice. I like your use of colors and the Foongus is a clear focal point.


    Second image:
    This one is a bit underwhelming compared to your first. ^^; The background texture looks kinda cool, but everything else is really plain. The Foongus is accurate, and properly proportioned. However, there's only one swipe of shading and the blurriness doesn't work as well for you here as it does the other piece. The smudging/blurriness is kind of confusing because it drags the focus to your background - this is sometimes a stylistic technique if the artist wants attention drawn to the background, but it's clearly not your intention here, because the background is simply a solid color. This leaves your focus looking kind of messy instead of soft - if that was your intent. This has a nice appeal, but the effort and quality is not quite as high.

    I'm going to treat this the same as we do stories and be a smidge more lenient on first art entries. I'll give you the 50/100 here, but had this not been your first art attempt then it would probably have only scored 40-45. Keep this in mind for future art pieces. :>

    Foongus captured. Congrats, and good luck in the future. :D
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