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Thread: Magical Pay Day

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    Default Magical Pay Day

    I will start out by saying that I have not done art in a very long time, which is sad because I studied it at one point XD I know I'm not very good D:

    I used to be pretty decent with drawing from a source picture, which is what I tried to do here, at least with the mon. I didn't look at anything for the leaves, which was probably a mistake. Then again, I didn't plan on submitting this at all, but when the Pokemon didn't turn out so bad, I doodled so that there wasn't a lot of empty space. One could say its stylized, but yeah... The piece I colored on was a printed copy of the scanned in sketch, so any lines I had made on the original couldn't be erased either. If I get ambitious (or if this fails horribly), I'll probably color a computer copy and make the background better.

    What I did try to do was do the shading on the Pokemon correctly, and let me tell you, colored pencils are very hard for me to work with. I spent a long time trying to blend it. I tried to keep it as close to the original source coloring as possible, which is why it has black anime-style outlines. In order to keep the focal point on the Hoppip, I didn't outline the other objects with black so that only the Pokemon sticks out. I also applied the rule of thirds to this as much as possible to keep objects appealing to the eye (yay random things I remembered from video class).

    I probably spent about an hour on the Pokemon's outline, and another two on the coloring. In addition, I probably spent about two hours on the background as well, although it was being used as a stress relief for doing three days of constant Shakespeare work. I could've done a lot more with the background, such as more depth and shadows, but this was really just supposed to be a pretty picture to tape to my wall. I'm proud of it regardless.

    Hoppip learns Pay Day but doesn't learn Magical Leaf. What's up with that?

    Materials Used:
    -Sketch Paper
    -Colored Pencils
    -Scanner (which may explain some paleness in quality)

    Pokemon Aiming For: Hoppip
    Requirements: Simple > One piece of art featuring the attempted Pokemon scoring 40 or higher.

    Magical Pay Day

    Reference Picture: Here

    Work In Progress Scan:

    Sloppy bad signature by Hoppip's ear.
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    Default Re: Magical Pay Day

    Hoppip - Simple
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