Lotad with an Oran Berry

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Thread: Lotad with an Oran Berry

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    Default Lotad with an Oran Berry

    So I figured I'd make an attempt at something. This attempt turned out to be for a Lotad.

    I made this in the Colors! 3d application for Nintendo 3DS. If you wish, I also uploaded the picture in the following link where, unless the undo command was used, you can see everything I did and nitpick about how bad my technique is and stuff.

    Lotad with Oran by Siless
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    Default Re: Lotad with an Oran Berry

    D'aww. I like how Lotad is giving me the puppy dog eyes. STOP PRESSURING ME, OKAY.

    This is a nice composition. I like the asymmetrical positioning, and your overall shading is pretty decent. It's a bit too lopsided and smudgy for my tastes, but considering the method you used to make it and the consistent style, I can dig it. I can also appreciate this shading. Your light source seems to be coming from the left, but there are a few irregularities - one being in the leaf on its head, and another being that the water isn't blended. The blotches of blue beneath the ripples were probably intended to give the water depth, but it kind of looks confusing because the Lotad is clearly reflecting some kind of light. And the water is not.

    I also think it's pretty cool how you kept in mind that the Pokemon's figure would be distorted underwater. You blurred and blotched its legs, and carried that attention over to the berry as well.

    Overall, I think this was drawn pretty well. Well enough for a Lotad. Cute picture.

    Score: 40

    Lotad captured.



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