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    I'm just going to do one thread for all my art and just keep posting.

    Table of Contents
    Tentacool ~ Captured
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    Target: Tentacool
    Rank: Simple
    Required Score: 40

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    Your overall effect looks pretty cool. You've made a clear focus, and I like how you used the c4ds to make Tentacool look like it's cruising through the water. Gives it some nice depth; even your background has some subtle depth to it even though it looks one dimensional at first glance. The subtlety is perfect, because it doesn't distract from the subject of your tag. It's a bit dim for me, and could probably use a more accurate light source (assuming this is underwater, light should penetrate from above, not horizontally), but it's consistent and you have a complete setting here. I think this is enough for the jellyfish thing; good job.

    Score: 40

    Tentacool captured.

    You'll increase your point potential if you make bigger/more complex graphics than tags. I don't think I'll be giving more than a 50 for them unless it blows my mind.
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    Target: Chingling
    Rank: Medium
    Required Score: Two pieces of art; 50

    I wanted this one to look as if chingling was using some sort of psychic attack in a spacy atmosphere.

    For this one I had a hard time coming up with an idea, but I decided that I would have chingling act as some sort of falling star/meteor type thing after coming from space in the first banner. LOL IDK

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    I have to say right now that I don't know anything about computer art. With that said. Here are my thoughts...

    Okay so, your first piece. I really like how its instantly fierce. BOOM you come right out with an attacking move. Psychic Pokemon in space; it's so natural, but I'm not really feeling the "space" aspect. I MEAN I DO. It's just. I'm thinking it's because of the lighting you have going on. Even if I try to see Chingling doing some whole whispy move with his little stubby arms, I just can't imagine why there'd be a random darkness behind him. Even if I wanted to call it a vortex, the couple of spots on the right kind of make it stand out that that's an empty corner. You have your attack very large in comparison to the picture, given the fact that it doesn't fit on the little piece you have submitted. This is actually WONDERFUL. It makes the picture look nicer, giving it this wide aspect because you know it really extends farther than what you can see. But that empty corner, man. That still stands out here as well. I know attacks are focused in front of the Pokemon, but it's space, and there's next to nothing in your background. Plus it's dark. It just kind of brings an abrupt stop to the picture. Still a lovely piece though. (: Great work.
    I give it a 60.

    Ohhmmgawd. Your second piece compliments your first perfectly. Does that NOT look like it could be a nice Zen Headbutt to you? The orange haze you have going on gives me a good fighting, martial arts type vibe, which is totally cool because Zen Headbutt is a physical move. The clouds in the background make it very realistic, as do the uh. I guess. I'd call it the air around Chingling warping? Cause he's going so fast through the air with his psychicness, yknow. It all fits like a puzzle that was ever-so-delicately put together.
    I also give it a 60.

    Too bad points don't stack, eh? (; Either way, this definitely captures the spirit of Chingling in it, having both pieces together. Separately, idk, they might not have done as well.

    lololo either way I totally already said that this pokemon was captured.

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    Target: Cottonee
    Rank: Medium
    Required Score: Two pieces of art; 50

    Title: Stunspore
    Tried to make it look like Cottonee was using stunspore lulz.

    Title: Sweet scent
    Cottonee is being affected by sweet scent letting out different aromas from its body.
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    Target: Ekans
    Rank: Simple
    Required Score: 40

    Title: First Strike

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    Okay, so the first thing I notice about this is that you've used the color wheel quite efficiently in this. The gold and yellow colors of the background compliment Ekans's purple skin and make him 'pop', as it were. The light also looks really dynamic and cool, as well. The colors and dynamics of the light also fit what you've 'titled' this; Ekans does look as if he's rushing forward for a battle or something. The way the lines flow suggest movement and action. However, I'm sort of confused as to why he's so small compared to the whole background. Why not make him a little bigger? I think it would put a bit more focus on Ekans's details and colors and this art piece as fanart for Pokemon. I also think that while this is a pretty good bit of signature/banner design, your past ones seem a bit more... creative and original. Though this is a simple piece, I think you could have done something a bit cooler or more badass for an Ekans. Overall, I like it, though I think you could improve by giving it a little more 'pop' and making your Pokemon bigger and more 'central' to your art.

    Score: I give you 40/100, which is just enough for you to own your very own Ekans.

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    omg effort. GRADING COTTONEE

    Very nice, it has a nice mystical effect to it. Kind of misty. I would have liked to see more yellow circles and whatnot, but this is okay. The colouring has just the right amount of green in it to give it that grassy, life feel, and your wisps of yellow tie together. It's a nice piece, but you can do better. I'll give it a 50, but only because it's ranked medium.

    Sweet Scent:
    Okay, here's where things get shaky. I see this and immediately see a mirror image of the piece I just saw. That's. Not what we want to see. Like ever. It's like the same image of Cottonee, yknow the pokemon you want. I really like how you have the, I guess "sweet scent" like shooting out in a V type wave from Cottonee. Except. Sweet scent is a delicate move. This picture looks ferocious. But still, that's still the same picture of Cottonee just flipped. I dunno, maybe it's a faulting of CG art in general, but I can't give this higher than a score of 30.

    It's nice and all, and I like it, but both pieces are practically the same size. It's practically the same image of the Pokemon, which I have to add, you didn't even create yourself. >_< It looks like you can throw this together like ten minutes tops. And I already know you make art like this all the time. (or however often, idk but I know you're no stranger to this). You should be able to pump out phenomenal pieces, and I feel like. I'm just seeing the same thing lol.

    Hate to say it, but Cottonee is NOT captured. >: Make another piece of art with Cottonee in it. Just one more. And let me score it. If it's at least 50, I'll pass you.

    Cause I mean. Only two pieces that both have a score of 50 are needed. Its not like that's all you're allowed to submit. :P amirite?
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    Title: Flowah Powah

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    Flowah Powah, eh? :3

    I like the flowers. Diggin' how you did something different this time lol. And I love how Cottonee is looking away. You get to see his back, which isn't a very common sight, for any Pokemon. I believe you did much better with this one. Very graceful. Very good. I give this a 55 and Cottonee is CAPTURED. Keep up da good work and DONT LET ME DOWN AGAIN.
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