I wanted a Burmy, so I drew one
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Thread: I wanted a Burmy, so I drew one

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    Default I wanted a Burmy, so I drew one

    I think he's supposed to be sticking out his tongue

    also that's my signature, don't critique me for it...

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    Default Re: I wanted a Burmy, so I drew one

    First things first, I really like the shading here. It's smooth and seamless, and looks pretty good for something done with a pencil. This is especially true for the four little bead-ish things on top of Burmy's head - the shading there was very visually pleasing. It also worked well with Burmy's texture. You did a good job of making sure that Burmy's body was realistically coarse rather than some awkward and unnatural shape. Finally, I also enjoyed Burmy's facial expression, which was a very cute cherry on top.

    However, this could benefit from some more effort. There's no colour, for one thing, and there's no background, for another. There was also a noticeable lack of content, and by that, I mean it was basically just a picture of Burmy and a marshmallow on a stick. I don't even know what the marshmallow is there for, and I don't know why the Burmy is making that face, and I don't know if the two are related or not.

    Of course, this is only an Easiest Pokemon, so we're not asking for too much effort to pass. Based on the strength of your shading and texture, you get Burmy fine. However, at any higher difficulties, colour is a must and having a background/theme would be highly important as well. There's good potential here for a low-effort piece, so I'm sure you could tackle those higher difficulty projects perfectly fine.

    Score: 28/100 (Pass)

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    Default Re: I wanted a Burmy, so I drew one

    Hooray! Thanks Nitro, also the marshmallow on a stick was supposed to be a smore, as in short for smorgasbord :P

    Anyway thanks again, and I'll be sure to put more stuff into harder level drawings, just wanted to do a test run


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