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    So we know how much I suck at art? Yeah, I tried it again. This time, I'm aiming for a Poliwag. I used this really cool application on my tablet called InspirARTion, and, though it might seem cheesy, it's a really awesome application that I doodle with. I just found one of the features to be kaleidoscopic symmetry, and I had lots of fun playing with the cool effect. It helped me make the background and my take on the Poliwag's spiral.

    Here's the piece, entitled "Hypnosis." I was trying to go for a mysterious or hypnotizing vibe, and I remembered that Poliwag's line could learn the move. This would be the moment when Poliwag has hypnotized his opponent and they're about to fall asleep, and all they see is the slightly obscured Poliwag.

    Target: Poliwag
    Requirements: 1x Piece, scoring 40 or higher.

    Also sorry if it got blurry. Transferred it from InspirARTion to Paint to a resizing application to Imageshack then to BMG. It became a little pixelated in the process, but I think it's all good! Sig is the incredibly messy, scribbly hand-writing of HW in the corner. Thanks!

    EDIT: Made a Whismur one too! Similar process, created in InspirARTion and modified in a few other programs. This one is an aerial shot, as if a bird Pokémon was attacking Whismur. Whismur is known to release screams louder than a jet engine when disturbed, so the lines radiating from its mouth distorts the vision of the Pokémon entirely. It is titled "Shriek."

    Target: Whismur
    Requirements: 1x Piece, scoring 40 or higher.

    Sig is still the messy HW.

    EDIT2: I MADE ANOTHER WOOHOO. These are actually quite fun and time-consuming, so I made an Ekans. Background was made with InspirARTion, and Ekans was made in a combination of InspirARTion and Paint. This piece is titled, "Predator." Ekans has just found his pray in the bushes, and the petrifying gaze of Ekan's glare has paralyzed the viewer until the Ekans can take a munch!

    Requirements: 1x Piece, scoring 40 or higher.
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    These are
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmBreon
    (are tadpoles even amphibians? they have no legs... (too lazy to look it up)).
    They are baby frogs, so yes. Though if you want to get technical (and believe me, I do) they are the larval state in the life cycle of a soon-to-be full fledged amphibian, and since they aren't their own separate animal they don't have a separate classification.


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