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    I want to catch a Feebas!
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    Type: Drawing

    (see bottom for artist's notes)

    PS: Forgive me for the slant; I had to use a public scanner and it gave me some problems...

    The journey begins...


    ARTIST NOTES-------

    1. I chose to make it black and white in order to reflect on the character's mood. The piece is very much a philosophy rant as much as a Pokemon project.

    2. My signature is in both pieces. Signatures should not obstruct art, so I tried to keep it in the background.

    3. If you would like a transcript, please reply to this post.

    4. My current pokemon is featured in this piece, shooting down the feebas. Still, the pokemon I am after is the feebas, not the magnemite.

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    I do hereby lay claim to these submitted works of arts, and all the curations thereby.

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    Does that mean I got the pokemon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalek View Post
    Does that mean I got the pokemon?
    @Dalek; Nope, it means he's judging your art and deciding whether you get it.
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    Warning: These are long.

    Feebas: Part 1

    Feebas: Part 2

    In Summary:


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