Edict of the Rubied-Eye Queen

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Thread: Edict of the Rubied-Eye Queen

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    Default Edict of the Rubied-Eye Queen

    So I found some old drawings I did 5 or 6 years ago, and thought I might as well get a Pokémon or two from them. In this one I drew Vespiquen using various crayons and pastels. I used white paint for the wings.

    I'm going for Combee, which is Simple Rank requiring 1 piece of art scoring 40 or better.

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    Default Re: Edict of the Rubied-Eye Queen


    So, pastels... nice. A tough medium. This turned out rather nicely, I think. I love the subtlety of Vespiquen's posture. You can honestly see the authority; it's quite cool. The slight droop of her head, hunch of her torso, and soft rigidness (oxymoron, I know) of her arms gives this quite an elegant feel. Very cool, Morru.

    And them pincer things...

    ...look deadly.

    This is definitely creative. And the thing that captivates me the most about it is that the creativity isn't obvious. Just her gesture tells a story by itself, for one, and the scene tells another. The honeycomb she's standing on is also a nice touch. The angling of Vespiquen is a bit weird though. The right wing and pincer are smaller than the left, yet the right eye is bigger than the left. Angles need coordination, or the creature can look awks. I only noticed after staring at this picture for a while though. xD

    The colors pop. Which is awesome, but they pop everywhere. This makes my eyes tired. Pictures need a clear focal point to captivate your 'audience'. Focals hold interest, and draw them into the visual rather than provoking them to just glance over it. I've seen you do this before with a smudge/blur effect, and now here with color. Everything can't be equal. Something has to hold most importance in a drawing, and that should be the thing that is the clearest or has the brightest (or dullest, if that is your stylistic choice) colors. If everything is equal, your story is lost.

    Shading: also very very good, but inconsistent. Check out Vespiquen's torso compared to her thorax. They are shaded literally opposite of each other, contradicting your light source. Light seems to be coming from several different angles and it disrupts the overall flow. However, the fact that this was done with pastel and crayon, AND the fact that it seems jaggedness is part of your style, makes this kind of work for you. It's a rough/harsh scene with an evil queen. Or so it appears. :>

    Your attention to detail is great, and this is more than enough for the little bee. And as a post-note, never take mine or anyone else's criticism too severely. Art. is. subjective. You decide what you think looks best. I try to give tips and share what I, personally, have learned, but that doesn't mean it is the correct or only way to make art. You've got some mad skills, bro, just roll with it.

    So yeah

    Score: 60 - Combee captured.
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