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    Default ApertureScience Visual Brain Stimulation

    "Testing is simply an artistic indulgence now."

    Woobat: Unconfirmed

    Spiritomb: Unconfirmed
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    So now I've received proofs of the images, so I shall start my curation.

    1. Woobat
    I like that you had a story behind it, which is nice to see. Next time try to google/bing/yahoo(who even uses yahoo?) what the rock is on top of the cave rather than put "(whichever one is on the roof of a cave)". Woobat itself has generally the right colours, but you've clearly missed some aspects of Woobat. Woobat is missing it's entire mouth, something that takes up a fair bit of its body. Another issue I have with Woobat is the way you have outlined it. Woobats are supposed to have messed up fur, not smooth contours. I can see you tried to represent that on the body but you didn't really continue that in the outline. From what I've seen, they don't have any legs, but I guess I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that they have little legs hidden in amongst that fur. The background is fairly simple and pretty monochromatic. I would have liked to see you put a little more effort into shading and creating a sense that Woobat has curves separate from the background. Overall, while you gave a story that lead us into the backstory of the image and had the correct colour scheme, your image lacked on the details that would really give it the polish that would create better looking finished product. Overall you get a 30, so Woobat not captured.

    2. Spiritomb
    I like that your story flowed into this image. This piece is really simple and although fairly accurate it lacks the lustre that you'd find on a complex piece of art. Spiritomb's colours and body are pretty accurate, but then again you have only a portion of it filling up the entire artwork. The colours are spot on and the shapes of the body and the green circles are right. The only thing missing is the eye has a spiral in it instead of a line like you have. I like that you have done some shading, making Spiritomb's centre darker than the edges, making it look like it thins out towards the edges. The rest of the image is pretty barren, with little to no detail. Overall there isn't much creativity in this image, and it lacks what is needed to make it as a complex image. I'd say to work on creating details and making your Pokemon a part of the entire image, but still making it the focus. In the end I give you a 40 just due to the extreme simplicity of this image

    2nd Image
    I like how you represented Spiritomb in this even though it is more or less of the Odd Keystone. This picture is also very simple and leaves a lot to be desired. You have the Odd Keystone pretty accurately portrayed as well as the aura of Spiritomb around it. The background itself is very simple, with some cave-like stones in the foreground and background. This image is lacking in what the other 2 are lacking as well. The detail is missing that would make me consider it being in the complex category. This one you have actually made the Odd Keystone have shading with a high point and a low point, which makes it much more appealing. The image itself is pretty stagnate, which shows the need for movement in your pictures. Overall I'd give this a 50.

    Spiritomb is not captured.

    Hopefully you can take my criticism into consideration and try again. :)
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