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    Hey guys,

    Im trying to get an Abra from this.

    I know that I need to provide some sort of proof that I made this so I have some progression screen shots.

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    Hm, I sense Andrew's "How to make a cave" tutorial...

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    is that a claim?

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    ...Yes, it is now!

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    I wasn't aware that we were not allowed to use tutorials to create pieces for this section, I still put hours of work into both the cave and the Abra model.
    This is also why I posted the images of me creating it so that you know that I didn't just download his final one.

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    Hey, never said working off tutorials was against the rules, you are fine. Was merely pointing out that I recognized the basis right off the bat. Andrew's stuff is awesome.

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    Phew. I just read it in a negative way. My bad.

    I've been going through heeps of his tutorials because he actually explains what he is doing and isn't boring to listen to XD.

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    His stuff is good for new and old users, Ive been on Blender for 8 years and I still watch his stuff for tips and tricks.

    I'll probably get this curated in the next few days depending on mood.

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    Thanks heeps for the feedback.

    I agree that abra was definatly textured badly compared to the rest of the scene but I couldnt find a good mix for him so I left it alone. The one thing about his placement that I am proud of is that you can see his tail through the crystal. When I tried to bend the legs everything went badly lol, hence why I left them straight.

    I am currently working on my next scene that will be all my own now that I have a lot of good fundamentals down so we will see how that goes.

    Thanks again for taking the time to curate this.


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