GEN V: Zorua, Unova Starters, and more!

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Thread: Zorua, Unova Starters, and more!

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    Lightbulb Zorua, Unova Starters, and more!

    All legit. I breed them, so they are untouched lvl. 1. If you want a female specifically, tell me, or it will be random. Also, if you want me to level up and evolve them, I can do that. I also have Black exclusives and Rufflet, a White Exclusive. You can also have a black version pokemon that knows charge, if you have white version.
    Here is a list of pokemon I will take in return (must be legit):
    eevee or evolutions (except espeon, I already have it)
    event raikou, suicune, or entei
    any previous generation starters
    any legendaries
    event shaymin
    event celebi
    something cute XD
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