Hi I'm looking to trade my Shiny porygon for pretty much any decent looking Shiny pokemon (except Castform and Liepard)

I may also want to trade my Shiny Raichu, for personal/selfish reasons I'm only willing to give him up for something really awesome like a Shiny Legendary or a Shiny starter. I don't really expect to get much offers for him since I'm looking for more demanding things but I figured I'd put it out there if someone did REALLY want one. I do have one standing offer for a shiny Rayquaza but our trades are kinda glitching on it, so thats kinda the trade to beat/match and why I'm reluctant to give it away.

For selfish reasons I'm more likely to accept shiny trades of Unevolved pokemon so when I get it I can evolve it and register both evolutions shiny forms in my Pokedex.