GEN V: Will trade Shinies and Rare Items for Japanese/Non-English Breeders

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Thread: Will trade Shinies and Rare Items for Japanese/Non-English Breeders

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    Default Will trade Shinies and Rare Items for Japanese/Non-English Breeders

    Alrighty, here's the deal:

    I have some Shinies I don't want, and I want to try some Masuda Method. Here is what I can offer (in Shinies):

    Cubones of varying stats and natures. All UT, level 4. (I have 6)
    Machops of likewise varying attributes. All UT, level 6. (I have 4)

    If those Shinies do not suit you, I can Pokeradar you alternatives. It might take a while however.

    Both of the above are still in my Gen 4 game, and I can nickname/Move Tutor them if you would like that.

    Aside from those, I also have:

    3 Event Shiny Legendary Beasts
    Event Shiny Pichu

    If you see one you like, just let me know and we can arrange something. If you would like certain stats on the Cubones/Machops, I'll tell you the (approximated IVs) and stats of the closest match I have.

    Now, for what I am searching for. I'm one of those competitive types, so IV's are of importance. Please do NOT give me hacked Pokemon. All of mine are legitimate and I would really like the same from yours.

    What I am searching for, in Japanese/Non-English breeders are (IV's in square brackets are optional, but if included, I will give your Shiny a nice item too):

    Gollette, Adamant, IV's: 31 HP, 31 SpDef, [31 Def].
    Zorua (Female), Rash, IV's: 31 Att, 31 Spe, [31 HP].
    Frillish (Any Gender), Bold, IV's: 31 HP, 31 Def, [31 SpA].
    Roselia (Female), Calm, IV's: 30 Spa, 30 Sp, [31 HP].
    Smeargle (Any Gender), Jolly/Timid, IV's: 31 HP, 31 Def, [31 SpDef].

    And the items offered for the optional IV's:

    Rarecandy, Leftovers, Prism Scale, Moonstone, Sunstone, Max Revive, PP Up.

    Now, I understand that these (especially the Roselia) are rather large requests, and If the pricing is too steep please let me know, as I would hate for you to feel ripped off here.

    And I do believe that's everything. Thankyou for your time.
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