Want to trade my Entei (adamant)
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Thread: Want to trade my Entei (adamant)

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    Hey guys I am a fresh meat here and I guess this is also my intro, anyway I am playing pokemon soulsilver right now and the last time I touched my pokemon game was in 2006 when I finished my emerald and now the new games that came out are quite overwhelming and somewhat fun, and atleast its not kid friendly like back in the days so I can enjoy the game pretty much even though I am 18 \m/ and the new concept implemented by nintendo so that us consumers can trade through wi-fi is quite astonishing as I look back, that should do the intro and shizzle I guess

    So on topic I am looking for a good Salamence or Dragonite or Garchomp or Electrivire (as unlucky as I am, I never really got a chance to play with these pokemons and I always wanted to do so since I was a kid and I never really found them early in game so booho me) which is over 50 + cos I am at saffron city and I would prefer a pokemon same lvl as mine so that I dont ruin the fun if you know what I mean.

    My offer: Entei lvl 60 adamant nature (literally a virgin pokemon, no evs spent or any ev boosting item)
    Looking for: Salamence or Dragonite or Garchomp or Electrivire/electabuzz with electrizer (viable nature and good stats I suppose, but currently I am just beating the game so it does not really matter) which has to be 50+

    Note: I got other pokemons to offer too, so if you need any other pokemons than my entei feel free to tell me on this thread.

    Thanks in advance, hopefully somebody out there can help me fill out my gap that I had since a kid lol... cheers

    p.s: i dunno about prefix so I choose gen IV

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    Default Re: Want to trade my Entei (adamant)

    I could give you my lvl 63 dragonite for it I can also train it to 100 if you want but then you will hv to wait till the 23rd


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