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Thread: Unova Starter Giveaway!

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    Red face Unova Starter Giveaway!

    I was breeding for a certain type of the starters, and ended up with a bunch. I am a very kindhearted person that hates leaving things behind, such as trash (non-topical item). So I'm giving them away to any of you who wants (sigh, not the trash)! If you need a specific one, I'll see if I have it (nature, gender, etc). Furthermore, tell me the date and time you want to trade, and I'll contact you if I can. Trade me anything random, basically mine's FREE.
    I have:
    -39 Tepigs (Lot of these because it took a long time to get the right one, so it's in stock)
    -6 Oshawotts
    -7 Snivys
    As extra, I have:
    -7 Pichus
    -15 Shinxs (some know shock wave, a hard move to get)
    -an extra Gurdurr and Gothorita

    And if you can, help me in (Never mind, cancelled)

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    Default Re: Unova Starter Giveaway!

    ill take a girl tepig i can trade 8 to 10 or 9

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