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    Quote Originally Posted by AAKreations View Post
    I`ve got Charmander and Squirtle, all three starters from Jhoto, Hoen, Sinnoh and Unova. Also have the Legendary Beasts, Legendary Birds(Lugia and Ho-Oh included), all three Regis as well as Regigigas, plus quite a few others. Willing to trade all with one`s that perk my interest. Shinnies needed and will trade multiple to get
    I think I would really like turtwig, i will give you a legit pignite for it. If you don't want the pignite, I'll give you a Lv.40 dream radar munna for it. The Pignite is Lv.23. The nature is Mild. The Munna's nature is,well, you can choose between a rash male munna and a docile female munna.Is it possible?
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