GEN V: Trading away my Kyogre :)

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Thread: Trading away my Kyogre :)

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    Default Trading away my Kyogre :)

    Hello yall! I am new to the forum - i am actually looking for a trade for a Groudon with my Kyogre. Details of my Kyogre are its on lvl.50, Timid natured, known moves are Ice Beam and AncientPower.

    So, holla out and pm me if you are willing to trade your Groudon with me. Cheers!

    ps. i dont mind any type of Groudon. Although, an Adamant natured Groudon would be cool. Either way, its all good! Please, no hacked Groudon!

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    Default Re: Trading away my Kyogre :)

    @geophoenix; I'll be closing this since this pretty much a duplicate of this one here " Wanting Groudon for a trade :) ". Regardless of the fact you changed the titles the very content of each thread is the same word for word. So when making threads similar to this pick one or the other section to post in not both.

    Other than that, happy trading.

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