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    Default Pokemon BW2 Egg breeder

    Here, I will breed eggs for Pokemon BW2 here are the following pokemon with egg moves: Onix, Munna, Driftloon, Frillish (Boy, or girl), Skamory, Shuckle, Petil, Panpour, Yanma, Sigilyph, Swablu, Pachirisu, Chansey ( Or Happiny if i can), Venepede, Trapinch, Natu, Charmander, Baculin Red Stripe Form, Deino, And last but not least, *Drumroll*, Riolu!

    Following pokemon WITHOUT egg moves: all that i have.
    Rule 1: I can only do the specific pokemon, for egg moves
    Rule 2: I do not trade on weekends and on weekdays for a certain time, 5:00 'till 9:00.
    I will come up with more rulles soon, or people can make new rules.
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