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    Default Pawniard eggs

    I decide that I wanted to start breeding so I bred some Pawniard. The Father was a Toxicroak that was from a Japanese game so these Pawniard do have an increased chance of being shiny. I also passed down the move sucker punch which can only be obtained through breeding.

    I have no idea if these are any good or not so I don't expect anything great in return. Maybe just trade me some random egg you have have lying around, even if you don't know what it is, it could be a magikarp for all I care but I do want eggs for these

    And one last thing, I will not accept anything hacked or cloned(I don't even know if thats possible with eggs) so just Pm your friend code and I'll set up the trade. I might take awhile to get back to you as its 9:00 at night while i'm posting this so I'll probably check back tommorow.

    Eggs: 6

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    Default Re: Pawniard eggs

    I'll take one.


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