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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kyriaki View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrior of Fire View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kyriaki View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by YaelleG View Post
    Do you have any more? I am still trying to find out how to locate my friend code, but.... hopefully by the time you respond I will have figured it out.
    Edit: I went to the bottom floor of a Pokecenter to find my code, but it seems to not want to give me that info unless I am actually IN a trade or battle...? Not sure.
    How far are you in the game? (either BW or B2W2)

    You should have gotten the Pal Pad at some point after beating the first gym. I can't remember who gives you that in BW, but in B2W2, Bianca should give it to you. Anyways, use the Pal Pad to look up your friend code and register others.

    As for trading with others, your DS should be connected to the Wi-Fi. If you use private Wi-Fi, then it'll be easier to connect. The nurse in the middle on the second floor of the Pokemon Center will take you to the Wi-fi club where you can trade over Wi-fi with people registered by friend codes.
    That person has said that she has Platinum and Pearl, so you're already incompatible. Also, in BW2, you have the Pal Pad right from the get-go, so that's not an issue.

    As for me, I'd like an egg, and I've got a lot of Bronzor left from Dream Radar, so I have no issues trading those away for random eggs.
    Bronzor is fine. Just tell me when you're free and I'll give you an Egg from my Egg box XDD
    Any time tomorrow will be good, pretty much.

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    Default Re: Offering Random Eggs

    Is there still some left?

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