Offering Dialga, Kyogre, and the pixies
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Thread: Offering Dialga, Kyogre, and the pixies

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    Default Offering Dialga, Kyogre, and the pixies

    Hi, I'm offering some pokémon I got in GTS trades (all of them caught with reasonable pokéballs, in their in-game locations, nothing indicating they are hacked). In exchange, I would like some legit pokémon (or at least one you can assume it's legit, like mine).

    Lv. 50 Embedded Tower Kyogre;
    Lv. 35 Soulsilver Latios;
    Lv. 50 Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf;
    Lv. 85 Platinum Giratina;
    Lv. 70 Platinum Dialga, Mild; (Personal Trade, not GTS)

    Also, a Lv 45 Lugia, caught on my own game.

    Looking for Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai, Latias, Cresselia, all the Regis, Manaphy, legit shiny and event pokémon. Willing to give away more than one pokémon for a really good deal. If you need one of mine really bad but don't have what I ask, I may accept other legendary pokémon, just PM me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Offering Dialga, Kyogre, and the pixies

    If I'm correct, the Dialga is UT, right? If so, I can give an event PKMN Ranger Heatran for it. @EXGShadow;

    EDIT: And being SO stupid, I just realized that this was a Gen IV trade. oAo


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