(So I've never done one of these so bear with me hear)

Um I've got some Pokemon... which is why I'm posting. I was trying out the masuda method to get a Shiny and I did it with Snivy ( I didn't do it right... I had to stop) but now I'm trying with Eevee's. So I have a bunch of em'.

Snivy Info: they're all male. There's 19 of them and they all only know tackle (sorry about that I didn't know what I was doing). Ask about natures...

Eevee Info: there are male one's and female one's but there are more male one's. There moves are: Tackle, Helping Hand, Shadow Ball and Dig. They have different ability's, some have Adaptability and some have Run Away. Ask about natures.

So yeah if you want a Pokemon and such hopefully you'll specify it below
(whatever work's). My friend code is 0003 2772 1159 (just in case you don't read my sig)