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    Default Dream Radar Pokemon looking for good homes

    So thanks to Dream Radar, my copy of White 2 has a bunch of extra Pokémon that I don't have the time to raise properly, mostly Bronzors. At the time of this post, my second box contains 13 Bronzors, five Ralts, a Patrat (okay, that one's not from Dream Radar and is instead a duplicate catch without a branching evolution), and two Riolu. Here's the rundown of each: all Bronzors have the ability Heavy Metal; four are level 5 while the rest are level 10; the level fives are of the Brave, Careful, Rash, and Lax natures while the level tens are Relaxed, Lonely, Bold, Bold, Adamant, Serious, Lonely, Lonely, and Hardy; each Ralts has Telepathy; there is one level five and four level tens; the five is female and Naïve, while the tens are female/Bashful, male/Naughty, female/Adamant, and female/Lonely; Patrat is male, Sassy, and has Keen Eye; both Riolus are level ten, female, have Prankster, and are Jolly and Hasty. What I would like in return are any Black 2 exclusives and a Snivy and Oshawatt. And depending on if I'd be able to find them, one each of the elemental monkeys. The traded Pokémon must be unevolved and, until I reach that point, in the Unova Pokédex.

    Pokémon lists (key: gender (no listing for genderless species), LV, Nature, Ability (Pokémon with only one ability possible won't have this listed at all)) (note: wherever you see ", it is a repeat of the previous piece of info in that spot)
    Bronzor list (all have Heavy Metal):
    5, Brave
    ", Careful
    ", Rash
    ", Lax
    ", Naive
    10, Lonely
    ", "
    ", Hardy
    ", Bold
    ", "
    ", Adamant
    ", Serious
    ", Relaxed
    ", Lonely
    ", Rash
    ", "
    ", Mild
    ", Relaxed
    ", Serious
    20, "
    ", Relaxed
    ", Mild

    Ralts list (all have Telepathy):
    female, 5, Naïve
    ", ", Hasty
    ", ", Bashful
    ", ", Lonely
    ", 20, Hardy

    Sigilyph list (all have Tinted Lens):
    female, 5, Lonely
    male, 20, Naughty

    Rotom list:
    20, Bold
    ", Lonely

    Munna list (all have Telepathy):
    female, 20, Bold
    ", ", Rash

    Swablu list (all have Cloud Nine):
    female, 5, Sassy
    ", 20, Serious

    Togepi list (all have Super Luck):
    female, 20, Mild

    Porygon list (all have Analytic):
    20, Sassy
    ", Bashful
    ", Naughty
    ", Bashful
    ", Sassy

    Drifloon list (all have Flare Boost):
    female, 5, Brave

    Riolu list (all have Prankster):
    10, female, Hasty

    Igglybuff list (all have Friend Guard):
    female, 20, Careful
    ", ", Modest
    ", ", Timid

    Patrat list:
    male, 10, Sassy, Keen Eye

    Spiritomb list (all have Infiltrator):
    female, 20, Mild
    ", ", Rash

    Staryu list (all have Analytic):
    20, Careful

    my White 2 friend code: 1292 9447 2383 (in-game name: Michael)

    7/4/2013: readable lists of all Pokémon up for trade are now available, includes new Pokémon listings; three new Bronzor, two new Porygon, and a new Rotom added to lists, male Ralts reserved; Riolu reserved
    7/6/2013: trade with GreedyGengar successful (male Ralts and a Riolu for Snivy and Oshawatt); new Pokémon added to lists
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