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Thread: Wish blissey/dream world tentacruel

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    Default Wish blissey/dream world tentacruel

    As the title says, I need a wish blissey and a dream world tentacruel.

    Evs and ivs don't matter, and being legit doesn't matter really since I'll be breeding them. Also, being clones doesn't matter.

    I have a good amount of dream world pokemon, my favorite being a dream world extreme speed female dratinis, gligars, vulpixes, poliwags and bagons, all with dreamworld ability.

    Can also get almost any pokemon for you, just offer one you need.

    Will use white FC, should be in my signature.

    Noone? Need that wish blissy!
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    Default Re: Wish blissey/dream world tentacruel

    Can you bred a decent bagon. Would happily swop a quality IV'd bagon for a dwf tentacruel of similar quality. Also I am GBR coded game and wonder what region game you are from for future shiny mm breeding.


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