Wanted: Shiny Golurk or Golett
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Thread: Wanted: Shiny Golurk or Golett

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    Default Wanted: Shiny Golurk or Golett

    Looking for a Shiny Golurk OR Golett possibly with an Adamant or Brave nature. If you have a regular Shiny Golurk I will be willing to trade. Simply name your Pokemon level and so forth.

    I have many event pokemon that are untrained, leaving room for you to EV train. I also have a fully trained level 100 Rayquaza with full EV's.

    All my Pokemon that you may receive are 100% legitimate.

    If you have the Pokemon I am after I'm willing to trade over a masterball aswell.

    So thats:

    Shiny Golurk UNDER level 100 with Masterball, either Adamant or Brave. (negotiable) ABILITY: Iron Fist
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