I know this is a long shot, but with Nintendo shutting down their DS Wifi connectivity in a few months, this is my best chance to secure these two pokémon before it's too late.

Keldeo & Meloetta are the last two pokémon I need to complete my Pokémon Black 2 dex. I can offer the following pokémon for trade, some for Gen IV and any for Gen V:

~ Mewtwo
~ Dialga
~ Palkia
~ Giratina
~ The Lake Trio
~ Zapdos
~ Moltres
~ Articuno
~ Ho-Oh
~ Kyurem
~ Tornadus
~ Cobalion
~ Terrakion
~ Virizion
~ Celebi
~ Deoxys
~ Regirock
~ Registeel
~ Groudon
~ Kyogre
~ Rayquaza
~ Cresselia
~ Latios
~ Latias
~ Shiny Munna
~ and of course, almost any breed-able pokémon from generation I-V

If you're interested, send me a PM, or reply to this thread. I've acquired all of these pokémon by normal means (capture or trade). And please, I'd rather not receive a hacked pokémon.
Thanks for your time guys! :)