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    I am looking for a groudon. Doesn't matter what level, what moves, of if it's legit --though I would prefer if it was legit. I don't need to keep it, so if you want I can just give it back to you after getting my green orb from Oak.

    I can offer the following as thanks:

    Legit Kyogre if you need one for your dex (tradeback)

    Miscellanious live pokerus infected pokemon (yours to keep)

    Misc hacked shinies (yours to keep)....just off the top of my head:

    Arcanine - lvl 70
    Swampert lvl 100
    Sceptile lvl 100
    Blaziken lvl 100

    Legit shiny (chained) Mareep lvl 8

    I also have most types of berries and many hacked items but they are back on my HG cart. If there's something you're looking for, please let me know.

    W2 Friend Code: 1894 0007 0382
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    I can trade you one for that Litwick?

    B2 Friend Code: 3740 8367 2814
    Australia, Newbie to Black and White. Looking for a Shiny Golurk.

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    The only thing is, do you know how I could then transfer groudon from white 2 to heart gold?

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    No clue sorry. Send me a private message for trading when you get online.
    Australia, Newbie to Black and White. Looking for a Shiny Golurk.


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