Wanted: Arceus! And other Legendaries.
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Thread: Wanted: Arceus! And other Legendaries.

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    Default Wanted: Arceus! And other Legendaries.

    As it says above i'm looking for an Arceus, Let me know his details in your post (Nature, Moves, Stats, etc.). Other Legendaries I'm looking for:


    I Can offer:

    Lv82 Keldeo - Naive

    Or More than one of the following:

    -Lv70 Mewtwo - Impish (UT)
    -Lv72 Mewtwo - Rash
    -Lv50 Articuno - Hardy (UT)
    -Lv65 Regirock - Serious (UT)
    -Lv58 Moltres - Relaxed
    -Lv65 Virizion - Careful (UT)
    -Lv42 Virizion - Brace (UT)
    -Lv65 Cobalion - Impish (UT)
    -Lv42 Cobalion - Lonely (UT)
    -Lv65 Terakkion - Lax (UT)
    -Lv42 Terakkion - Bold (UT)
    -Lv70 Kyrurem - Docile (UT)
    -Lv77 Kyurem - Jolly
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    Default Re: Wanted: Arceus! And other Legendaries.

    @shubbak121; I'm closing this because you have another thread asking for the same Pokemon (with the exception of Arceus) that isn't even two days old. So I edited the old thread for you and added any additional information. For future reference if your thread isn't getting any attention your allowed to give it a bump once 5 days have passed. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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