shiny sheer force nidoking?
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Thread: shiny sheer force nidoking?

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    Default shiny sheer force nidoking?

    hihi :) i recently got a shiny nidoqueen from a friend, and looking to get a shiny nidoking w/ sheer force :) i know they're rare, but trying to up my collection. will trade any legendary for it! :) let me know if it's possible here or in PM!

    it can be nidoran ^^; gen V plz!

    *Edit: i wanted to edit this post and also ask if anyone has a Butterfree (does not have to be shiny) it would also be helpful! the dream world ability and proper nature would be lovely ^^;
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    I livestream online, please visit if you would like to watch/listen to music ^^;

    and also Espeon and Nidoking are my favorites <3!!


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