I would really like a shiny Eevee or Ralts at level 20 or lower I don't care if they are hacked as long as they wont screw up my game.
in return I have:
Aggron lv. 56 nature: Impish, quick tempered
Attack: 145 Defense:233
Sp. Atk: 71 Sp. Def 88
Speed:68 Ability: Rock Head
(Most likely hacked)
Moves: Hyper Beam Earthquake
Brick Break Headbutt

Charizard Lv. 100 nature: Lonley, Likes to fight
Attack: 246 Defense: 171
Sp. Atk: 256 Sp. Def: 202
Speed: 263 Ability: Blaze
infected with pokerus
Moves: Fly Flamethrower
Brick Break Dragon Claw

Flygon lv: 50 nature: Rash, Sturdy body
Attack: 111 Defense: 97
Sp. Atk: 105 Sp. Def: 84
Speed: 114 Ability: Levitate
(most likely hacked)
Moves: SolarBeam Crunch
Faint Attack DragonBreath

Glaceon lv. 43 nature: Lonley, Thoroughly cunning
Attack: 66 Defense: 94
Sp. Atk: 129 Sp. Def: 97
Speed: 72 Ability: Snow Cloak
Moves: Iorn Tail Ice Beam
Blizzard Ice Fang

Togetic (Stormshell) sorry I can't change the name it is a traded pokemon....
lv. 51 nature: Lonely, A little quick tempered
Attack: 83 Defense: 90
Sp. Atk: 102 Sp. Def: 121
Speed: 64 Ability: Hustle
recovered from pokerus
Moves: AncientPower Fly
Extrasensory Grass Knot

Regigigas lv. 70 nature: Hasty, Proud of it's power
Attack: 250 Defense: 153
Sp. Atk: 124 Sp. Def: 162
speed: 177 Ability: Slow start
Moves: Hyper Beam Earthquake
Superpower Zen Headbutt

Zebstrka lv. 55 nature: Sassy, Likes to thrash about
Attack:132 Defense: 82
Sp. Atk: 106 Sp. Def 88
Speed:125 Ability: Sap Sipper
Moves: Discharge Agility
Wild Charge Thrash

If you want a pokemon that is not listed comment and tell me what you want I'm all for catching pokemon that are in any of the DS games. except heart gold because i recently restarted it.... pm me your friend code and the pokemon you want if you want to trade :)