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Thread: Seeking spare event Pokemon from this generation

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    Default Seeking spare event Pokemon from this generation

    As title says, I was wondering if anyone has spares of Keldeo, Meloetta,Genesect, and Victini to give out. I have nothing noteworthy unfortunately, and I am hoping this request doesn't sound too greedy. I understand their rarity of coruse, which is why I am asking for spares, as not to rob anyone of their elusive Pokemon. Friend code is 4385 0399 1516, and I don't have them in my dex, nor do I have the national dex yet, and as I have not used GTS outside of negotiations I'm not sure of the process. Thank you to whoever helps me with this.
    Edit: In the off chance no one does have any spares, I am willing to accept cloned copies of the event mon, or hacked ones with the flags needed to activate thing such as Meloetta and the Funfest mission, the eventual flashback to the lighthouse with Victini, Keldeo's forme and the P2 lab bit.
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