Requesting a Manaphy for Platinum.
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Thread: Requesting a Manaphy for Platinum.

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    Default Requesting a Manaphy for Platinum.

    I'm almost done with my Sinnoh Regional Pokedex in Platinum. I have Diamond shipping in a few days, so the Stunky and Murkrow families are covered. I only have one real problem: Manaphy. I don't have any of the Pokemon Ranger games, and the GTS isn't helping all that much.

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    Default Re: Requesting a Manaphy for Platinum.

    I can offer a shiny UT Manaphy if you don't mind GTS cloning, thou I'll be expect a better offer for it than a regular Manaphy.
    I can offer you Manaphy eggs, I have Pokemon rangers and use a save restore to be able to resend the eggs.
    If you want I could corrupt the save manually by a glitch but it can take quite a while to time right and I run the risk of reseting my story (it actually quite rare that happens so the reason I use a save restore isnto save time for people who don't care).

    Reply what you think and if you want to trade list some offers you find reasonable and a time (in GMT time) you can trade.


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