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    hey guys, I'm about 15 mon away from completing my dex on pokemon black and I need help getting a few mon. I dont intend to keep these mon, just need em to get the data. I still need, deoxys, palkia, giratina, darkrai and....hmm well actually, i think thats it! Anyway i have pretty much every other mon in my PC boxes on black so if anyone needs any and wants to help me out here contact me, i could probably do this later tonight.

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    Do you have a Shaymin, Moeletta or Jirachi? I've got a Palkia, Giratina and Darkrai that I'd be happy to temporarily trade for the data

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    If I can get u one of the legendaries to keep can u do me a Lotad with Water Pulse and Dream World Ability?


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