Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.
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Thread: Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.

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    Default Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.

    Hi. These are the ones I am looking for....followed by the list of Pokemon that I have to offer.
    The game that I am looking for these on is Pearl, though. Just keep that in mind. I've got several others but am not trading with them yet.

    1. Snubbull or Granbull
    2. Entei (I'll hold my breath lol)
    3. Celebi
    4. Sableye
    5. Aron
    6. Zangoose
    7. Huntail or Gorebyss
    8. any Regi
    9. Kyogre
    10. Magnezone
    11. Glisor
    12. Mamoswine
    13. Manaphy or its evolution
    14. Chikorita
    15. Cyndaquil
    16. Croconaw forgot to add that one!

    AND...HERE IS WHAT I HAVE GOT TO TRADE the ones that say level 1 mean that I bred them. For some reason all of my bred Pokemon are coming out female! PKRS means they have Pokerus, obviously.

    1. Feebas level 1 male
    2. Skitty level 1 female PKRS
    3. Duskskull level 1 female
    4. Krabby level 52 male PKRS
    5. Pidgey level 51 male
    6. Pachirisu female level 22 PKRS
    7. Plusle male level 18
    8. Drifloon male level 22
    9. Weepinbell male level 51
    10. Octillery male level 30
    11. Seaking male level 30
    12. Shuppet female level 1 PKRS
    13. Dratini female level 1
    14. Dratini female level 1 PKRS
    15. Ditto level 29 holding that ditto item forget its name
    16. Doduo level 4 female PKRS (bred it)
    17. Poliwhirl male level 30 holding a mental herb
    18. Hippowdon female level 52
    19. Zigzagoon male level 1
    20. Cubone female level 4
    21. Tauros male level 20
    22. Spinda male level 55 holding light clay
    23. Chingling male level 15 PKRS
    24. Charmander male level 1
    25. Uxie level 53
    26. Natu female level 1
    27. Krabby female level 52 PKRS (warning: it may/may not have an offensive name lol)
    28. Castform: male level 18
    29. Rattata female level 1
    30. Koffing male level 1

    AND.....FINALLY HERE IS MY FRIEND CODE: 5201-4117-8166 Pearl
    3870 0260 6862 for White (where I am housing all of my Shinies)

    Looking through my boxes, I just found a couple of more that I have to give -
    3 shuppets females levels 1 & 20 and a male level 1

    and a male or female level 16 Pichu but I want to keep 1 of em

    2 male Minun level 18s and a female Plusle level 18

    Male Charmander level 1

    aaand a male Carvanha level 19

    But wait! There's more! I also have a female Lickitung level 1
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    Default Re: Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.

    I can help you with those three Johto starters. I assume you meant you want a Totodile and not a Croconaw, right? I've breed all the starters, so they'd be level one.

    Not really interested in anything you're offering, though if you could help me trade something from my SoulSilver to my Platinum that'd be great.
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    Default Re: Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.

    I can get you aron and mamoswine for your ditto and charmander

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    Default Re: Lots of Good Stuff To Trade.

    I have the totodile, chikorita, cyndaquil, entei, snubull, granbull, kyogre, magnezone, mamoswine, zangoose and gliscor.


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