looking for two pokemon ^^;
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Thread: looking for two pokemon ^^;

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    Default looking for two pokemon ^^;

    hey guys, right now i'm trying to find a decent IV raised clefairy (trying to get a really strong Clefable for wifi-level battles)

    and i also would like a decent low level female ralts with outstanding ivs as well :) if you have either or both of these respond here or pm me pretty please ^^;

    if the clefairy is outstanding i'm willing to give away items as well. :D (gen V of course ^^;)
    I livestream online, please visit if you would like to watch/listen to music ^^;


    and also Espeon and Nidoking are my favorites <3!!

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    Default Re: looking for two pokemon ^^;

    I can give you both.


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