Looking for Tornadus, have Virtuoso Victini
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Thread: Looking for Tornadus, have Virtuoso Victini

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    Default Looking for Tornadus, have Virtuoso Victini

    I'm looking to get a Tornadus for my copy of White, and I have a Virtuoso Victini to offer. Both my wife and I currently own one copy each of White and Black, and I think all four carts have both Victini events, so I'm sort of drowning in the little bugger. I'm looking to sell my copy of White relatively soon, long before I'll be able to get a Tornadus from either my or my wife's copy of Black, and I want to be able to pick up my White's Landorus before I sell it.

    I have not yet picked up Victini from the deliveryman in the Pokémart, so within reason I can try to get a "good" Victini. Name a Nature and a preferred stat or two, and I can attempt to get one suiting your tastes. I do not hack my games or use cheat codes, so I'm reliant on the Random Number Gods to be nice to me, so it's entirely possible that too restricted a request will be impossible :) I'll do what I can.

    ETA: No nibbles yet, so let me open this up a bit. In addition to Victini, I also have a plethora of Summer 2010 Jirachi. Most of them are still in Gen IV games, so if you want one for your PokéWalker I'd be happy to set up a double trade - one trade in Gen IV to give you a Jirachi, then one in Gen V for the Tornadus.

    If Jirachi doesn't float your boat, maybe we can work something else out, so make a request and I'll see if I'm capable of trading it. I don't clone or anything, so I'm not willing to give up the last of anything I've got. I know I'm out of spare Celebi and I'm pretty sure I'm out of shiny Dogs :(

    Also: fair warning, I'll be on the road for the next few days. Tomorrow [Saturday] night and Sunday I will have internet access and can connect on my DS, but I won't be on my computer quite as often so it might take me a little bit longer to see the post. Monday and Tuesday I will not have internet access so I won't even know if I get a response. Wednesday I'll be back somewhere I can connect and should be able to trade.
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    Default Re: Looking for Tornadus, have Virtuoso Victini

    i have a tornadus rotting away somewhere in here, so i'd be happy to take that little cutie Victini off your hands! if you end up with Modest that would be awesome, if not, anything that boost Sp. Att. would do. but i'm not THAT picky. if you tell me a time you could trade we can set this up
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