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Thread: Looking for SMR2012 North American Keldeo

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    Default Looking for SMR2012 North American Keldeo

    So, if anyone has a SMR2012 Keldeo with the event not yet performed, that would be fantastic! I can offer quite a few egg move Pokemon as well as some version exclusives or Gen IV Pokemon. If you have one, I will make some offers.

    Untrained is also preferred.

    EDIT: I also have a Quirky nature event Genesect to trade.
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    Default Re: Looking for SMR2012 North American Keldeo

    This would be the Keldeo given out in GameStop just prior to B2W2 release, right? If so, I think I can fulfill your request. The Keldeo, if I remember correctly, is untrained and has not been part of the Swords of Justice event. In fact, I think I haven't touched it since I transferred it over from White to White 2. What do you have to offer?
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