Looking for HEARTGOLD CAUGHT Kyogre!
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Thread: Looking for HEARTGOLD CAUGHT Kyogre!

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    Default Looking for HEARTGOLD CAUGHT Kyogre!

    So, I don't need this thing until I can get to Groudon, which means I need to get off my butt and train a bit so I can beat Red and get the Kanto Starters and yadda yadda. Now I don't want to keep this thing, I just need it to get the Jade Orb after I get Groudon so I can get Rayquaza, because the Hoenn Trio is the only one I'm really missing for my National Pokedex on Black 2. I had Heart Gold at one point, it got stolen, and I had already put that Kyogre on my Black 2 because I'm stupid. So. If you could message me saying you're willing to do it, I'll let you know when I need it, and I'll trade it back. Like, I mean I know that some people don't like trading with random people with the intent of giving the Pokemon back, but. Yeah. If you could trust me it'd be awesome, I /will/ give it back.

    Thank you so much!

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    I have one. For me, getting a Johto Groudon was the tough part - after importing my Groudon and Kyogre from Emerald, I put a legendary (I think it was the bonus Ho-Oh from Colosseum) up on the GTS for any Lv.50 Groudon, then kept trading it for Groudon after Groudon until I got one that said it was from Johto. Took maybe three tries at most.
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