Looking for female Maractus Completed ^^
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Thread: Looking for female Maractus Completed ^^

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    Default Looking for female Maractus Completed ^^

    For some reason I've just fallen for this little cactus xD And I'd really like to give it a shot on my team so I want either...

    Female Maractus
    Water Absorb as its ability
    Timid as its nature or any other good nature for Maractus
    As far as level goes, I guess the higher the better but if it's a low level that's quite alright too
    Regular is alright but if anyone had any of these preferences as a shiny one I'll make a fair deal for it ^^

    absolutely no hacks please RNG is perfectly fine and so is cloning
    Let me know if you have any of the two and post what you're looking for in return so I can make you an offer :)

    Got it :)
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