Looking for Durant DW (f)!
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Thread: Looking for Durant DW (f)!

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    Default Looking for Durant DW (f)!

    Looking for a Durant DW! Male or Female, though I prefer the latter.

    Here's the list of Pokemon I'm willing to trade for it (I'll trade up to 4 Pokemon if need be!)

    Gliscor - Impish
    Turtwig - Impish
    Munchlax - Lonely
    Heracross - Adamant
    Vulpix (DW) - Timid
    Shiny Basculin - Brave
    Porygon (DW) - Timid *I can attach upgrade to it
    Gyarados (DW) - Adamant
    Jolteon (DW) - Modest
    Garchomp - Jolly
    Salamence - Adamant
    Zoroark - Hasty
    Gengar - Hasty
    Lucario (DW) - Timid
    Azelf - Docile
    Uxie - Rash
    Mesprit - Timid
    Genesect - Modest
    Kyurem - Adamant
    Virizion - Serious
    Terrakion - Careful
    Cobalion - Calm
    Cresselia - Naughty
    Regice - Careful
    Regirock - Quiet
    Treecko - Jolly
    Snivy - Calm
    Dratini - Adamant
    Tyranitar - Adamant
    Ninjask (DW) - Jolly
    Shedinja - Jolly
    Miltank - Calm
    Nidoran Male (DW) - Hasty
    Glaceon - Modest
    Magnezone - Modest
    Milotic - Impish & Quiet
    Kingdra - Hardy
    Gorebyss - Mild
    Politoed - Impish
    Arcanine - Modest
    Excadrill - Jolly
    Lapras w/ Dragon Dance - Adamant
    Totodile - Adamant
    Larvitar w/ Dragon Dance - Adamant
    Espeon - Modest
    Umbreon - Calm

    These are all the Pokemon I thought would be an eye catcher to people, lol. If you're looking for anything else just lemme know and I'll tell you if I have it or not..
    Been looking for a Durant w/ Truant for forever, getting desperate lol. Help me out, someone xD

    ***I'm willing to trade up to 4 Pkmn!!
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    Default Re: Looking for Durant DW (f)!

    I have one but haven't caught it in the Entree forest, so is there a any particular nature you would like? Also is that DW Lucario male or female?
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    Default Re: Looking for Durant DW (f)!

    i have a female durant with traunt. i would like the shiny basculin. i will give you a male durant with traunt too. if you have two different gender pokemon with hidden ability its faster to hatch them cause when i tried with ditto it didnt work and i almost have a box full of them without hidden ability. btw do you have a DW bagon cause if you do i will trade female and male durant with hidden ability traunt for the shiny basculin and DW bagon.
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