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    Default LF specific shiny >.<

    Hey, I am looking for two specific shinies

    Charmander, un-touched, Timid nature and Vulpix, un touched, Timid nature --- their abilities do not concern me. Primarily up for trade are some legendaries as I do not have much in line for shinies currently.
    PM me if you are able to help and want to talk trades.

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    Default Re: LF specific shiny >.<

    I know you say you don't have many shinies in line atm, but what do you have in the shiny department?

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    Default Re: LF specific shiny >.<

    I have a shiny Dragonite currently, and am no longer in possession of the shiny jigglypuff sadly. So primarily there are legendaries up for trade >.< ( haven't had much luck in finding shinies as of yet sadly)


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