Generation V

As the title suggests, I'm in search of a Calm Shaymin. I'd prefer that it have an Event OT (TRU, Oblivia, etc.) and be untouched, but those two qualifiers aren't necessary. It does, however, need to have a 31/?/31/31/31/31 IV spread.

I can offer events, RNG services, and DWF's.

Please go here for a list of DWF's that I have.

RNG Services
I can RNG anything that is breedable for shininess, IV spreads, nature, gender, even hidden ability (if the pokemon is on the above list). I'm also in the midst of a SoulSilver and Pearl replay, so any legend that does not require an event and name that is not Suicune can be RNG'd too. Just note that I'm right before Victory Road in both, so it might take a while for a legend.

These will all be cloned. They are all UT and IV spreads are available upon request.

I will provide a FC upon an offer as the pokemon are on different cards.