hi all ,
so , since i dont really live in a place who has any games events\give aways ?
and the pokemon frencise died along time ago where i live?
i kind of missed out on all the event items that unlock extra content in the games .
i did my best over the years to be up to date with the games, (legit only) but unfortunlly as i said i cant travel all over the world for events.
it really bums me out to know that i can never see in my games event places.
a few exemples:
gen 3:
the old sea map ,AuroraTicket, Eon Ticket.

and in gen 4 :
the Secret Key,Member Card and Oak's Letter.

and in gen 5 :
the Liberty Pass.

there are more items like those. to get tm 95 .

i heard in the past that if some1 got the event item and you comunicate with him ? or trade with him. or something like that? you can get that Mystery Gift as well.

money is no object. but i do want those things in a legit way .

any advice\help ?