Hi everyone! I'm looking for a legit UT WISHMKR or CHANEL Jirachi. :)
It needs to knows the move Body Slam (3rd Gen move tutor) and have a Careful, Adamant, Jolly or Impish nature. (Careful is preferred though )
Decent IVs would be appreciated but I'll accept nearly anything! Cloning is fine but no hacks please.

In return I can offer the following events:
  • 10th Anniversary Mew
  • Pokemon Center Tohuko Snivy
  • Singing Pikachu with Light Ball!
  • Saikyou Mewtwo (cloned)
  • All Nippon Airways Darkrai (cloned)
  • Naive V-Create Victini Flawless!
  • Timid Wishmkr Jirachi Shiny! (received via trade from someone I don't know too well)

If you want to hear more about any of them just ask. :)